It’s All About The Pizza

Recently our pizzeria made it into one of the most popular free newspapers of London, “The Evening Standard”.

The reason? A bit controversial reason, ctualy, if we believe what was written on the paper.

No, we are not that bad, we have our policy of requiring our customers to have a pizza each, but we are quite flexible, especially on the quiet hours of the day. But if on a busy saturday night, four people want to have two pizza and one salad (which is a side dish), while there is more than forty people  on the waiting list, you’d better give the chance to enjoy London’s best pizza to someone else. It’s a small place, sixteen seats, and there is people that comes all over the city to enjoy and appreciate our efforts, to make the best product we do. It’s not about the money, it’s about the pizza, that is why we are for, and we are very proud of what we do. We do our best to source the best ingredients, build the best oven, hire the best chefs in order to provide for the best pizza you can ever have in London, that is what we are famous for.

Of course the news was all over the places, everybody was talking about us and people that have never been here, didn’t have a good opinion about us. Fortunately our customers, and people who has been here and love what we do, took our side and gave us loads of support.

The main outcome? Well, the day after we were in the BBC World Service studios to talk about this!!

Honourable Mention from the BBC food magazine

“Olive” the BBC magazine dedicated to food, revealed the list of the Best Alternative Restaurant  2011, and Santa Maria made in the “Honourable Mentions”.

We always known that Santa Maria is an alternative place, but now we’ve got it confirmed from the BBC!

Still Strong!

During the infamous days filled with thefts and lootings (We don’t feel to call them riots!) Our shop has been attacked by a bunch of guys. Fortunately the consequences and the damages weren’t as big as the ones of the other shops in our area, but the shock and the feelings of fear during those hours, won’t be forgotten.

A prayer goes to Richard Bowes, who lost his life to defend his street from the attacks.

A wish of going back to normality soon goes to all our colleagues, shop owners that have been attacked and their business and life affected

And a special thanks goes to all our customers, friends and Ealing residents, that showed their love and support during those terrible days. Your support has been bigger than other gesture and made us even prouder to belong to this beautiful community. Grazie

This is a CCTV footage of the attack of our shop. We hope that we won’t witness those scenes anymore.

The expansion has started…

For the past 16 months, the comment we have heard the most was “You need a bigger place” or “You need to expand”. But we love St.Mary’s Road and our great location and we are not very keen on moving anywhere else. So the best thing we could have done was to give our customers a bit more space: 10 more seats that make a huge difference to everyone. Now queues are incredibly short and waiting time has significantly reduced.  Santa Maria can now accommodate all of its customers!

…and The Guardian too…

Santa Maria doesn’t stop impressing with its many awards and titles. Recently the remarkable “The Guardian” voted your favourite pizzeria one of West London’s top ten budget eats.

Thank you Mr. Guardian!

Back from Christmas Holidays.

After being closed for ten days for a deserved break we are back in business and happy to feed our happy customers with London’s best pizza!

In the meantime more magazines talk about us. It’s South African Times this time.

Santa Maria Christmas Holidays

wSanta Maria will be closed from the 24th of Decemebr ’till the 3rd of January.  We’d like to wish Merry Christmas and a Wonderful 2011 to all of our customers!!

See you soon.

Angelo & Pasquale

& the rest of the crew at Santa Maria

Santa Maria on The Independent

The prestigious newspaper The Independent asks the top chefs in London their faovourite places, and Newzelander personality of the year superchef Anna Hansen favourites our gorgeous pizza in her top list! thanks Anna, is our pleasure to feed you.

Back in Business

Santa Maria is back again in business with a jewel: a brand new handmade oven. Is like we put a Ferrari engine to our pizzeria. Master Giuseppe came from Naples, with sand from Vesuvius and from the beaches of Naples, handmade bricks cooked at 1000 degrees and his four generation building oven experience to build this wonderful piece of art. And now Pizza tastes even better!

Notice to our customers.

To all our customers

We inform you that Santa Maria Pizzeria will be closed from the 8th of november until the 15th of the same month. We are carrying some major works, we are rebuilding a new and better oven, so our pizzas will taste even better!

We apologize for any inconveniences caused

Angelo & Pasquale

Santa Maria Pizzeria’s owners