It’s All About The Pizza

Recently our pizzeria made it into one of the most popular free newspapers of London, “The Evening Standard”.

The reason? A bit controversial reason, ctualy, if we believe what was written on the paper.

No, we are not that bad, we have our policy of requiring our customers to have a pizza each, but we are quite flexible, especially on the quiet hours of the day. But if on a busy saturday night, four people want to have two pizza and one salad (which is a side dish), while there is more than forty people  on the waiting list, you’d better give the chance to enjoy London’s best pizza to someone else. It’s a small place, sixteen seats, and there is people that comes all over the city to enjoy and appreciate our efforts, to make the best product we do. It’s not about the money, it’s about the pizza, that is why we are for, and we are very proud of what we do. We do our best to source the best ingredients, build the best oven, hire the best chefs in order to provide for the best pizza you can ever have in London, that is what we are famous for.

Of course the news was all over the places, everybody was talking about us and people that have never been here, didn’t have a good opinion about us. Fortunately our customers, and people who has been here and love what we do, took our side and gave us loads of support.

The main outcome? Well, the day after we were in the BBC World Service studios to talk about this!!

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