Santa Maria Opening Day!

Santa Maria Pizzeria in Earling

After 4 months of waiting, finally the 14th of February, Santa Maria Pizzeria opens its doors to Londoners. The openig day has been really succesful, more than 120 people had the chance to try what we are going to serve. Traditional Neapolitan Pizza, cooked in our wood fired oven, made with the authentic Neapolitan ingredients, Caputo flour, La Donzelletta mozzarella, Tomato from San Marzano area, sicilian extra virgin olive oil, parmesan cheese. Plus a variety of the freshest and tastiest ingredients on the market. Everything is gonna be mixed by the experienced hands of our Master Pizza Chef Sandro Vitale Everybody is welcome to enjoy our fabolous pizza!

Santa Maria Pizzeria 15 St. Mary’s Road London W5 5RA t. 0208 5791462

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