Still Strong!

During the infamous days filled with thefts and lootings (We don’t feel to call them riots!) Our shop has been attacked by a bunch of guys. Fortunately the consequences and the damages weren’t as big as the ones of the other shops in our area, but the shock and the feelings of fear during those hours, won’t be forgotten.

A prayer goes to Richard Bowes, who lost his life to defend his street from the attacks.

A wish of going back to normality soon goes to all our colleagues, shop owners that have been attacked and their business and life affected

And a special thanks goes to all our customers, friends and Ealing residents, that showed their love and support during those terrible days. Your support has been bigger than other gesture and made us even prouder to belong to this beautiful community. Grazie

This is a CCTV footage of the attack of our shop. We hope that we won’t witness those scenes anymore.

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