To All Our Customers:

It has been a week since “Time Out” London’s best pizza issue came out, and definitely it helped us to be more visible. Santa Maria had a success after that review that was overwhelming. People queuing, waiting for a table now is a daily sight. We knew that we were going to be busy, but what happened in the past week was much more than we ever imagined. The consequent volume of people affected our work in many ways. In fact, it happened few times, that we had to close our pizzeria because we ran out of doughs: we couldn’t front the incredible demand. Our first priority has always been deliver a product that matches the high standards of the best pizza in London, and we are committed about this. In order to be able to provide what we want to, some strict procedures need to be followed, and it takes time to combine everything. So, we want to apologize if this commitment caused some inconvenients to our customers, but it is for the sake of our reputation and to keep high the standard of London’s best pizza.

Hope to give the chance to feed every Londoner with our delightful product, and thanking all the customers that with their love and support have made the success of Santa Maria.

Santa Maria loves you all!

Angelo Ambrosio & Pasquale Chionchio

Santa Maria Pizzeria

London’s Best Pizza 2010

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